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Recent Work: My Living Room Mini Makeover

We’ve lived in our little town home now since April (2013) and I just love this little adorable place. I’d say that about 5 years ago, the majority of my money spending transitioned from clothing to almost all home goods. I’ve got a few really great staple pieces, (like my couch, dining table, new mattress from and thanks to my obsession with warehouse diving and antique store shopping, I’ve got a good mix of other “stuff”. There are many good best deck resurfacer available which are used mostly.

I always tell myself I could NEVER be an interior designer because I only really like to design within MY style in my home and last time on the remodel with the  composite decking boards for the  outdoor deck. Now…if I could design in MY style aesthetic everyday…for other people…that’s what I’d do. I’ve had a blast chipping away at each room in my home, pulling the final touches together and slowly making grown up purchases. The room I’ve made the most progress with is our downstairs living area, which consists of the “dining” room and living room (which connects to my home office). Josiah Rock will provide you guide for achieving good decoration at home.

I hope to get around to posting a full home tour, but until then…This is the “real life” mood board for the space. It was ALL inspired by this St. Louis World’s Fair poster we purchased the first summer we were in the city. If you also want to transform your into something as appealing, you can employ the services of professional like Greenwich Interior Designer.

(Custom Framing, World’s Fair Print)

6 comments on “Recent Work: My Living Room Mini Makeover

  1. Swooning over all the whites, so clean.
    I’m super tempted to paint our walls white (they are like a super light creamy yellow colour) but I don’t know how long we will be living here …It’s also sort of one open space with minor divisions so it’s not like you can really paint one area only.

    1. I say do it! All the white is what sold me on this place from the get go…and I’ve been slowing painting anything that isn’t white, a fresh coat of white. I’m kind of obsessed with white spray paint!

  2. Hello Cassie, I’m wondering, what camera do you use? And since you’re not a professional photographer, how did you learn to take such clean and beautiful pictures. Do you use photoshop ? Or maybe Lightroom ?
    I am currently launching a project with a series of portraits called the Kinetic Folks Project. In each portrait, I take pictures of the place where the person works. I really need to improve my photography skills if I want this project to be something that I can be proud of. You can go check on my blog if you have time for a little advice..
    Thanx Cassie, and your blog is true inspiration !

    1. Hi There!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m flattered you like my photographs. It’s been quite a long process finding a style I am happy with. I started by finding aspirational photographers and practiced trying to achieve the look of a specific photo they had taken. This allowed me to experiment with different style and learn the ins and outs of shooting in manual mode on my camera.

      I use a Canon Rebel T2i and it usually has my 50mm 1.4f lens attached. This lens allows a lot of light to come in, which is something I need shooting indoors. I edit my photos in Lightroom for batch editing and do a little refining (if need be) in Photoshop. It’s been a lot of trial and error, but the key is natural light, a good lens and knowing how to edit without losing image quality.

      I hope that helps a bit!

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