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Inspired By: Oysho

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week went well! If you haven’t entered the California Naturels GIVEAWAY, be sure to do so. There is some really great skincare products to choose from.

Today, I’ve got a fun brand to share with you. When browsing around for a key pieces to add to my wardrobe for the whole wedding month, I stumbled upon the clothing and accessories line Oysho. I loved how each piece has a hand made quality to it with focus on natural materials. Unfortunately, Oysho doesn’t ship to the United States!!

( Browse Oysho )

5 comments on “Inspired By: Oysho

  1. I love Oysho! They used to sell their products in Portugal, where I grew up. They have the best pjs and plenty of fun socks. I remember checking them out again a few years ago and also being disappointed about the the shipping restrictions. I will have to look them up when I go home next….

  2. You have NO idea just how much i’ve been obsessed with Oysho for years now. I can proudly state that it’s my favourite shop ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve been wearing Oysho pieces for nearly 5 years now and they are clearly my favorites. They are always simple, comfortable, quality pieces with a little twist. And I just adore their color palettes.
    Funny to think that they were supposed to be focusing on underwear and night clothes and that girls liked their stuff so much that they would wear it during the day.
    It’s so weird that they don’t have shops in the US, you’d all love it so much !

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