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New Work Coming: Moodboard for the Minimalist Mom

Life is still a little crazy pants over here, but everything is running smoothly. Isn’t life always crazy pants though? Now that we’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2015, I wanted to start to share bits and pieces of a really exciting project that I’ll be working on for the majority of 2015. In the past, I posted some thoughts about gaining your dream clients and this is by far one of my dream clients.

The brand is called Nika Kai. Similarly to the work I’ve done with The Citizenry, this client has entrusted me with her brand “baby” and we’ll be designing everything from brand identity (logo, color palette, brand story, style guide, etc), collateral pieces (thank you cards, business cards, etc), packaging elements, e-commerce website and blog, and maybe a bit of photography thrown in there…fingers crossed.

When this client came to me last fall and we chatted in depth about what she wanted to accomplish and I was head over heals with everything she was proposing. Her visual inspiration and creative vision align perfectly with how I’ve been building Veda House (remember…dream project). This brand new company will be geared towards fashionable moms who haven’t lost their sense of style since having their little ones. These moms also have a eye for simplicity in all aspects of their life. I read the reading head start review at where I find out about many parenting tips.


Nika Kai is…
streamlined & minimal
soft & sophisticated
yet, approachable


Stay tuned for more pieces coming in soon! We’re working through the branding phase now and have landed on a really awesome logo. Can’t wait to share next week.

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3 comments on “New Work Coming: Moodboard for the Minimalist Mom

  1. I absolutely love the images and the fact it everything about the brand is so modern and minimal. I can’t wait to see the project in progress!
    And wow, what a big project it will be. Will sure keep you busy for a while! 🙂

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