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What Freelance Topics Interest You Most?

Finding beauty in the everyday can be challenging at times, especially when you’re schedule is too full and your energy levels are meh…Not to mention their is a foot of snow on the ground. My camera gear is finally unpacked and I’m going to try and capture more still moments to remind me about the beauty of the everyday. Today…I made the bed! Hooray for Monday mini successes!

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We’re slowly getting settled into our new home and working out a new day-to-day rhythm. With both my husband and myself working from home, the whole workflow has be thrown off since we’ve been surrounded by cardboard boxes and lots of unfinished projects. All good things take time, so I know we’ll get it sorted out sooner or later. Visit sustainabilitystreet for interior design ideas.

I wanted to stop by and ask a question for my readers. I know many of you come to this blog to gain insight into what freelance life might look like and I want to provide as many insights as I can, and that’s why I started the blog with the help of a guide on how to create a blog online.


Is there anything in particular (related to running your own business/ design/ freelance)
that you have been curious about?


I’ve covered LOTS of topics in the Freelance Journey section of this site, so if I’ve already answered your question, I can point you in the right direction. I’ve also answered many other questions (not all related to design/freelance in a two-part Q&A. You can read part 1 & part two.

10 comments on “What Freelance Topics Interest You Most?

  1. Hey Cassie! As a soon-to-be graduate student, I’ve taken on one or two clients as a freelance designer. Do you have any advice on pricing and developing rates, as a young designer with little client experience?

    1. Hi Kelisha!
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I will definitely do a post on pricing as it’s a very common topic of discussion almost freelance designers and small business owners. Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Cassie! I’m curious to know how you walk clients through the initial inquiry to the actual design part of the project? I’m currently working through my own process to find how I want to present my business to potential clients as a professional. I definitely think it takes some trial and error, but I would love to hear your thoughts!

    I am planning to start with a stronger questionnaire, email a PDF of my general prices + what it’s like to work with me, then follow up after I review their answers to schedule a call/chat to get to know them and see if we’re a good fit. Then send an estimate, and if it’s approved send a contract!

    1. Love this. I can definitely make a post about the initial process I take since it’s pretty consistent no matter what type of client is contacting me. Stay tuned!

  3. I’d be interested in knowing if you work with sub-contractors, such as developers for website work. I’m currently teaching myself some basic coding which is a great skill to have anyway, but do I need to go all the way? Or can I hire someone to make templates for me?

  4. I’ve found this to be a tricky topic, because freelancers don’t always want to to talk about the tough times, but I’d love to know what tools or strategies you’ve used to generate new business during a slump.

  5. I know that some freelance creatives use their personal blog as an open portfolio, and some have separate spaces website and a blog. I know the choices are dependent on the life of the individual but do you have a recommendation/preference?

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