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Noteworthy Podcasts/Presentations

Happy Monday folks! It’s been some time since I’ve shared some podcasts in this space, so I thought I’d stop by with a few that have inspired me lately. I work from my home and listening to podcasts is a bit part of my daily routine. I find that having something entertaining to listen to while I edit photos or work through a website design helps me keep focused and inspired throughout the day.  Here are a few to check out.


Becky Murphy on The Lively Show: Becky gets extremely honest about the pro & cons of running your own creative business. She gives a few insights into her personal insecurities and what she does to combat those doubts. Listen Here

Kathleen Shannon’s Being Boss Podcast (all episodes): I’ve completely fallen in love with this brand new podcast series. Kathleen and creative partner Emily Thompson talk about things like professionalism, “doing the work”, taking time off and many more entrepreneurial-type questions. Listen Here

Pure Green Podcast: If you’re looking for a few chats about how to live a healthy life and to be inspired by those that practice what they preach…check out Pure Green podcast. A few topics I’ve found interesting are “Living with Less and Loving It” and “Eating and Living Mindfully”. Listen Here


I’ve shared many favorites in the past. View the last Noteworthy Podcast post here. Other all-time favorite talks by Megan Gilger, Kate Arends, and Lynn Casper.

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