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In collaboration w. Vuela Boutique / Kuppers & Wuytens

Hello there my faithful readers. It’s been a little over two months since I’ve last created content in this space, but I wanted to stop by today and share a fun little collaboration with you. I’ll hope to fill you in on why I’ve been MIA very soon. Thanks so much for your patience 🙂


When the company Vuela Boutique contacted me months ago, I just fell in love with their range of products and their sophisticated eye for curating the best mix of items. I’m a real sucker for uniquely crafted leather accessories, so when I saw that Vuela Boutique had a few items from Kuppers & Wuytens in their summer collection, I knew I had to share both these brands with you! The item shown above is the stunning Sophie bag crafted by the duo Jan Kuppers and Karen Wuytens, in Belgium.


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Vuela Boutique was founded on the principal of bringing hard-to-find beauties back to the states. Founder, Marji De Las Alas says ” Vuela Boutique provides access to global design but with the personalized service you might find in a cozy neighborhood Boutique.” Her mission and brand story really resonated with me as I’m a firm believer of living with less and curating a home interior space that is rooted in story.  You can check out more Vuela goodies at the very first Pop Up Shop this Saturday!

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Vuela Boutique Pop Up Shop


Althouse Boutique, Downtown LA

12-6 PM


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