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A New Mantra for Veda House


Wow!It’s been such a long time coming. This transition has been in the works for over a year and I’m beyond excited to finally share the NEW Veda House, follow me and read this article named New home? Here are 8 things to do ASAP. I’ve been getting some interested followers inquiry about why there is a shift happening around, so I thought I’d break it down for you. Hang onto your hats. This is going to be a beast of a post. Also bmtdesigntechnology visit to get more updates about new veda house.

1. There’s been a call for change 
Usually when the call for change sweeps over us, we’ve been living in a world of discomfort for some time, right? That’s where I’ve been recently…the in-between. Over the past year and a half, I’ve felt the desire to make some cosmic shifts in my business, but have been fearful of the fallout.

A Beautiful Wedding Photography Season

The changes or modifications that we can make to our life or routine can be scary at first, so choosing different photographers for your wedding, Fame Park Wedding Photography may sound new to you, but that sound makes it clear that they are a guarantee of professional and quality work. Change is always scary! For some time now, I’ve been building Veda House with the “head down and go” mentality and somewhere along the journey the woman behind the screen got lost in the hustle. Veda House has almost exclusively been a one-man-band operation, so what do you do when your only employee (myself) is feeling disheartened? You pivot. You pivot hard. To get ideas about what you can do, visit and browse in their many articles and catalogs.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to find clarity and focus that has allowed me to rewrite the Veda House mantra. I’ve realized that I need to respect the ever-changing individual who guides this ship and be more intentional about how I spend energy. Simply put, bring more of who I am with what I’m doing.


Finally! An about page where you can actually learn more about me 😉



The 3 Veda House brand mantras that act as my guiding light


2. I’ve found my dream client 
My professional roles have ebbed and flowed, and I too have changed and evolved. I’ve become more resilient, more mindful, and more invested in the mini ecosystem that surrounds me. I’ve spent countless hours navigating the conscious living space, finding solutions to make my life more “well”. Knowing that I needed to bring more of who I was into the work I was doing, I saw the need to refine the niche of clients I worked with.

Veda House has always been known for guiding interior, lifestyle and small batch brands towards a design solution that was elegantly simple. Using similar principles, Veda House now works exclusively with conscious lifestyle and wellness brands. For Veda House, this makes the most sense because we speak the same language, guide our businesses with the same mantra, and manifest our desires.



3 NEW brand packages tailored to help conscious wellness & lifestyle brands launch with a cohesive & refined brand presence.


3. A refined creative process
With almost 10 years experience in the design and photography world, my creative process has been on a steady path to refinement. These days, my creative process is all about building a foundation that is rooted in brand clarity. By starting with a solid base, every design decision from there is backed with intention. This saves my clients time and overall investment into the project. This also allows every project to progress with confidence.


Brand NEW Photography packages that have me all giddy!


A complete portfolio that reflects some of my favorites from recent history.



Contact forms that make it easy to inquire about working together & a brand new newsletter!


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