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The branding for Fruita Blanch by Atipus is hands down one of my favorite identities, ever. I’m not sure if it’s their handmade type or the modern + vintage combo that won me over more, but the fact of the matter is that it’s done extremely well, as a whole. While the typography is clean cut and simple, the designers had a fun time matching everything with beautiful photographs of fruit. I dig it. PLUS, you can even download the font they used, for free! Simply click here to get it. What a score, huh??

As usual, make sure you stop over at my blog today to see Cassie’s Branding Backwards post this week! I’ve been having such a fun time working on these posts for all of you. Can’t wait to keep it going!

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Simply Groves Insider's Tips / Week 4

Today’s week 4 of Kirsten Grove’s lovely insider’s tips. She’s awesome isn’t she? This week we are showcasing some of the rooms that have been most inspiring to me. I love the controlled chaos in these room and all the personality that comes along with mix matched items.

If you missed the first week of tip/suggestions, go check it out, and don’t forget to stop over at Simply Grove to see my latest color palettes!

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branding backwards / 02

Hey everyone! I’m pumped to be back sharing a new branding backwards with you all this week. Like I said before, I really enjoy making moodboards and could honestly make them all day. So much fun! This week’s brand is The New Domestic, a modern + colorful shop with a focus on simplicity. I fell in love with their products from the first time I browsed through everything. Personally, I think the best part about their shop is all the beautiful colors, paired together so well. I mean, check out their branding colors. Totally digging it.

On a sidenote : my blog moxee has moved to a new location! Never fear, all of Cassie’s previous recreate it and branding backwards features have made the journey over, too! Don’t forget to check out Cassie’s branding pick this week.



Hello and happy Thursday!  In this week’s post, I decided to feature a well-known artist, whom I greatly admire: Toko Shinoda.  Her work graces the renowned walls of institutions like the MOMA and Guggenheim.  Classically trained in calligraphy (which is something I would love to learn!), she merges lithographs with modern abstract expressionism for a result that is uniquely stunning, fresh and inspired.  It’s always staggering to me when I come across an artist with such a large and consistent body of work – it drives me to produce more of my own, and to really analyze what my aesthetic is.  Which, to me, both go hand in hand; the more work you make, the better you can narrow your focus…certain characteristics will emerge and you can run with them.  Food for thought!

Art via Toko Shinoda


Simply Grove's Insider's Tip / Week 3

Week 3! Week 3! And it’s Tuesday, so that means Kirsten of Simply Grove is sharing her styling wisdom with all you lucky readers! Over the past couple weeks I’ve been seeing so many really awesome kid’s rooms all over the net. I chose a few of them, sent them her way, and she responded with some lovely styling tips for each room.

If you missed the first week of tip/suggestions, go check it out, and don’t forget to stop over at Simply Grove to see my latest color palettes!

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I thought these watercolor pieces by Ekaterina Koroleva were the perfect embodiment of the Spring season; a light, whimsical color palette, airy feeling, opacity  (the nature of the medium). The painted color over ink pen drawings also reminds me of the way fresh blooms are restored to bare branches after winter.  Subjects with a fashion influence always seems to be well-represented in watercolor.  So happy Spring is here – enjoy!

Art via Ekaterina Koroleva


branding backwards / 01

I’m SO excited to announce a new collaboration series between cassie and myself ( bre ) : Branding Backwards. Of course we loved bringing you Recreate It posts weekly, but after 20 weeks, we felt it was time to move on. Being that Cassie and I are both graphic designers who love branding, we thought it would be neat to focus on identities this time, and work backwards to their beginnings. I find making moodboards to be extremely therapeutic, so this new bi-monthly series is right up my alley! Our goal is to pick out brands we love and dissect them. Essentially, we will be coming up with moodboards that match the aesthetic of a brand for exploration + inspiration!

First up for me is Mignon Kitchen Co. I fell in love with this little shop and their brand within seconds of seeing it. Their overall look is light and airy with a hint of modern flair in their logo. Everything is extremely simple, but done with care. See that little swoop in the “O” of “MIGNON?” Yeah, that’s my favorite.

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I thought I’d switch things up a little this week with a different type of inspiration and a fresh layout.  Fashion editorials are always pushing the envelop with creative concepts, so much in fact that they are truly works of art.  When I first got into graphic design, I really wanted to work for a fashion magazine – it would be impossible for me to not be bursting with ideas for layouts when you have material like this to work with!  This spread is from JNC magazine…I am blown away by how well the saturated color and the devoid thereof pair so well to build this ethereal story.  I had a lot of fun putting this week’s post together – hope you enjoy!

Editorial from JNC Magazine via Behance


Simply Grove's Insider's Tips / Week 2

How is everyone today. I hope you are enjoying the changing seasons and feeling the need to do some spring cleaning. I’ve been throwing stuff away like a mad woman, and boy does it feel good!

Today we are gaining some more insights about home styling and design from stylist Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove blog. Her design vision is just amazing and picking her brain has been truly insightful.

If you missed the first week of tip/suggestions, go check it out, and don’t forget to stop over at Simply Grove to see my latest color palettes!

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I’m a self-admitted paper hoarder, so it’s probably only natural that I find paper collages to be the holy grail of all pulp and fiber-based delights.  Artist Jessica Bell created these patchwork-like beauties; I chose these particular two works to share here because I love the neat, meticulous folds in the first, and the more haphazard, free approach in the second. Both pieces have stellar compositions and color palettes that I find very appealing.  It’s always commendable when an artist can make his or her work seem effortless – which is how these read to me –  although careful thought and multiple attempts at reworking probably went into the end result.  I hope you enjoy this week’s post!

Art via Jessica Bell