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hidden treasures

Over this past winter break I was able to travel home to visit family and make a trip up to the lake house where my grandparents live. My grandmother has a pretty impressive vinyl record collection that is now collecting dust in her basement. She told me that I should go down there, check it out and that I could have anything I wanted. I found gems down there people!! I’m talking classics, like Thriller!

I ended up keeping about 20 of her records and I love how they sound better because they were loved by my grandmother. She’s got good taste in music to this day and I think she loved sharing her love for vinyl with me over the holidays.

My love for vinyl is somewhat new, but growing by the day. Any time I’m at thrift/second hand store/antique store I keep my eye out for the oldies but goodies. It takes some time to sift through the stacks, but totally worth it when you come across a keeper!

I’m curious how everyone stores/organizes their record collections. Have you found an easy way to sift through the stacks?

6 comments on “hidden treasures

  1. i love vintage records and their players. i love the vinyl covers – this is sooooo cool! one day i want to collect a ton of them and frame them in my basement. loving this!!!

    1. I know right? I’ve had a secret obsession with Mary Poppins my whole life. I don’t buy a purse without thinking, “Is this Mary Poppins like?”

  2. Know them well! Grew up with them and danced to them every day! I’ve got a stash in my basement, too. You can raid it when you come home again!

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