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Oh My Cavalier

Over the past year or so I have been looking closely at reprint artwork in hopes to create a photo/artwork wall that was entertaining to me and anyone who came to look at it. I’ve been frequently stumbling upon delicate watercolor paintings of girls & guys interacting with the nature around them. The painting are full of character and all have a story to tell. After a long time perusing artist’s website I realized I keep bookmarking the same artist, Oh My Cavalier. Let’s just say that I determinded that once I had a little extra cash flow, I’d purchase some of her pieces.

While I was in Portland on vacation a couple weeks ago I saw her work everywhere. Was it a coincidence or had I fallen into the Oh My Cavalier jackpot. Turns out the artist, Julianna, is based out of Portland and sells her work to many of the local shops. I saw an array of products, from original artwork, reprints, stationery sets, thank you cards, etc. I regret not purchasing my first original artwork while I was there, but I blame it on not being able to decide which little scene was my favorite.

That was a long drawn out story to tell you to simply  go check out her work. You won’t be disappointed and we all need a little whimsy every now and then. 

She also has a blog–>

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