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our stay at the Ace Hotel

See inside our room–>

Last week, the boy and I were enjoying our stay in the Pacific Northwest. Since anything west of St. Louis is a totally new experience for us, we felt it was ok to splurge on our hotel stay. We chose to stay at the Ace hotel, a hotel that we both had been ooooing and ahhhing over for some years. Let’s just say that we were beyond pleased with our experience and would stay there again in a heart beat.

Today I was asked by a close friend (who has a travel blog) if I’d write a review of the hotel. I jumped on the opportunity, so if you are looking for more information about our stay, you’ll find all the details over there. She just got back from a two week trip through Italy and will be posting little aspects from her trip over the next couple weeks. I highly recommend you stopping by. Written by a writer, Julie’s blog is always a good read!

6 comments on “our stay at the Ace Hotel

  1. Oh wow. I love the Ace Hotel. I only hung out there one night in my life at that little lounge loft space. It is amazing.

    Wonderful choice!


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