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market203 Etsy Shop : Now Open!

Start you own online business comes with A LOT of trial and error. What works, what doesn’t, what’s most convenient, what’s the most fun, what’s the least stressful, etc…

I’ve been doing a lot of personal shop evaluation and I’m finding my self saying “they told me so” over and over in my head. They told me to start small. They told me to start with Etsy because it has an online community that helps small businesses get started. They told me it was worth it.

Ok Ok. You guys were right. I started with an online shop run by Big Cartel and love the ability to present a fully branded shop. I thought I’d be able to spend the time driving awareness to my new digital space and money to spend on advertising. I was somewhat wrong. I work full time at an advertising agency, and I’ve found that promoting a new shop is another full time job.

So I’ve decided to migrate most of my inventory over to Etsy and build a community in that space for the time being. I love browsing Etsy, creating treasuries, and bookmarking favorites, so I’m sure a lot of other people do the same thing. Let’s see how it goes. I’m willing to try several approaches until I find something that works.

Another little announcement is that I’m expanding the category of items in my shop. I started with items that fit into the “container” category and now I’ll slowly be adding more industrial vintage pieces to the shop. I’m exciting about being able to shop for more things I love. Yippee!

Oh, what do you think of the new logo? 

7 comments on “market203 Etsy Shop : Now Open!

  1. Congrats for the opening! ♥ I’ve always loved minimalism so I love the new logo. 🙂 It’s great you chose etsy over big cartel, for now. Etsy is a large community, lots of people there than over in Big Cartel.

  2. I’m so excited for you and the new shop! I hope it works out smoothly and wonderfully for you and that you find the right fit!

    I am loving the new look of the blog, by the way!

  3. Cassie,

    I think your logo is lovely.

    I hope that etsy works well for you. I know that it has been a great place for me to start! I agree with you about some of the poop that is on etsy. But other shops are wonderfully branded and stand out. Like yours!

    I’m loving it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Chao, Anna

  4. Hi!
    I really like your shop! You have so many great items.
    I hope you the best and congratulation for your new shop(:
    I really want to open an etsy shop soon, I’ve been dreaming of doing it for a while now and I think it may be time to take that risk, and your post inspired me(:

    Hope you’re having an awesome week full of great new vintage finds and sushi(;

    Carmila Ponycat

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