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mini DIY: framed pressed flowers

Whenever I see a pretty flower just asking to be picked, I usually take it home and press it in my hand made flower press (see my Flowerpress DIY here) I picked these flowers mid summer when they were at their best. Now after months of pressing and aging to a beautiful brown color, they are ready to be framed.

I found this frame this summer at a near by town’s annual garage sale weekend. The lady I bought it from was quite old (and wise) and said that the frame has held her highschool graduation picture all these years and she’s just now getting rid of it. The story plus the $1.00 price tag mean the frame was coming home with me.

Not sure where I’m going to put it yet, but it has  temporary seat on my nightstand so I can stare at it.

Directions: Simply find a frame you love and some flowers to press. Press the flowers for about a month for the best results. Cut to the backing to the size of your piece of glass ( I used a cream colored watercolor paper for mine). Play with multiple ways of arranging the flowers until you settle on a composition that makes you happy. Next gently sandwich the piece of paper with flowers laying on top with a piece of glass. Slide the “sandwich” into the frame. I never use a glue adhesive in my pressed flower projects because it tends to destroy the flowers over time.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy pressing!

19 comments on “mini DIY: framed pressed flowers

  1. Love this! Pressed flowers are so beautiful! I have a way with killing indoor plants and flowers, but I love being able to keep some them on display after drying and pressing them. We saved some of our wedding bouquet flowers this way. Awesome DIY and wonderful frame!

  2. wow, this is such a great diy! i love the look of pressed flowers, but i didn’t know how to go about it without getting flower stains on the pages of my complete works of william shakespeare haha. you have me super inspired now, i think i’ll have to make this my weekend project!

  3. 4 or 5 years ago I found a 4=leaf clover in my back yard and I’ve been carrying it in my wallet pressed on a piece of paper and this so is what i’m doing with it now, it’s great and I have a perfect place and a perfect frame. You have a very nice copy of The Help

    1. What a great idea Random Cat. I haven’t been able to find a four leaf clover yet, but I’d most likely preserve it in this way. As for the book shown, The Help, it’s nothing fancy. Just the hard back version of the book with the dust jacket taken off.

      Thanks for stopping by everyone. Glad you have all found some inspiration!

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