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Soap Sud Dreams

My bathroom at the loft (our current residence) is not my favorite. Sure its 100% functional and probably better than most rental bathrooms, but the wood tones in there clash and are sooooo wrong! So I’ve been dreaming about porcelain beauties and picking up irresistible bathroom type items as I go. I recently got all new perfect white (hotel style) towels, enough natural bars of soap to last probably two years, and this amazing vintage glove mold for my jewelry (thanks Lackluster Co!)

My goal with the bathroom is to make it feel as natural as possible and smell like a minty/coconut/lavender dream room. I’ll get there eventually, and I guarantee you that my next bathroom with have a natural light source…trust me 😉

Here’s some inspiration I’ve been pinning on my “FOR THE LOFT” Pinterest mood boar.

6 comments on “Soap Sud Dreams

  1. The porcelain tile on the floor, especially that color and SIZE, make a statement. Subway tile on the walls, never go out of style, nice look!

  2. I like how a semi-vintage baht tub is combined with a clean, more modern look. And I truly wish my tiles and grout were this clean!
    PS: White towels are a must! They match perfectly with the whole interior! 🙂

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