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Hand Woven & Organic

I’ve been struggling for some time whether or not my petite couch needs throw pillows or not. Of course they would look lovely when nobody is seated, but that’s not all that often. I know for a fact that when people are sitting, the pillows will be thrown to the floor and the dog might even take them for himself. What to do, what to do?

If I were to buy pillows for my itty bitty lovely couch, these would be them. The hand woven details make each pillow one of a kind, and hey…they are organic!

What do you guy think about decorative pillows on your couch?? Worth it, or a waste of money??

Buy these pillows—>

3 comments on “Hand Woven & Organic

    1. Not sure what’s going on with the link. It was working a few days ago and now it’s not. It’s like the shop disappeared. If you Google “The Organic Shine Society”, all their links take you to a dead link. So odd.

      I’ll keep you posted if it ever comes back to life 😉

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