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Podcast: Embracing Failure with Milton Glaser

As I venture into the land of the unknown (fully self employed), I’m bound to experience one failure after the next. I completely understand the importance of failing and have always seen failure as a learning too (even though I get really impatient with myself). I was really inspired by Milton Glaser’s perspective on failure.

This little video is all about embracing failure as the way to gain professional accomplishment & personal development. It was interesting to hear how Milton thought that specializing in something actually hurts your development because there is less opportunity to fail. In his eyes, they only way out is to…embrace failure.

You can watch the video here.  Artwork image here.

8 comments on “Podcast: Embracing Failure with Milton Glaser

  1. Milton Glaser is awesome. Enough said.
    And I totally agree! Since freelancing I have failed soooo many times (and I get impatient with myself too), but I have learned so much from those failures. I’d be a lot dumber without them 🙂
    It’s back to like that thing of stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing fear and anxiety to further develop and learn.
    Let’s all get out there, fail and LEARN form our failures!

  2. Oooh, I just had Kit Hinrichs talk to my class last Friday and he talked about Milton a lot! They’re both such great designers. I’ll definitely have to give this podcast a listen.

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