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Veda News: What I've been up to

If you’ve been following The Veda House these past couple weeks, you would know that I’ve taken the scary leap of quitting my day job and starting to work for myself. Last Friday was my last day at the Agency and boy oh boy, the day did not go as I had envisioned. I envisioned being able to walk away at the end of the day full of excitement and giddy emotions, but in reality I was overcome with these really sad feelings. I felt like I was letting go of a lot of really good people that I’ve built relationships with. My team there was definitely like my family away from home and I was taken back by the realization that I wouldn’t seem them everyday anymore. For whatever reason, I hadn’t even thought about that aspect of leaving. Aside from feeling a little bummed about losing that close connections with my “work family”, I was also feeling completely free to explore and build my OWN brand.

Over this past week I’ve received a few tweets, emails and blog comments from my readers asking what I’ve been up to and so I thought I’d share. I decided to start this new adventure with a clean slate, so I’ve been deep cleaning my entire loft building to make it feel workable. I’ve also been attending Kathleen’s E-Course about personal branding and I’ve been completely blown away by it. I’ll be writing a complete review on it in a few weeks, but I highly recommend it! I’ve been exploring food styling and photography. I’ve challenged myself to bake/cook two recipes this week, style them, and photograph them. Let me tell you…I love every aspect of it (which is a sign I need to spend more time exploring it). Lastly, I’ve done a little pampering like get my hair colored and meet up with a dear friend for a brownie date.

All in all, my first week away has been going just as planned….to not have a concrete plan and allow myself to explore. Yes, I’m maintaining my existing freelance jobs, blogging, keeping up to date on emails and exploring a new blog design for The Veda House, but the majority of my day is spent getting inspired. Cheers to that right?

Question: What would you like to see on The Veda House in the future?

*Photo above by Max Farago (more here)

13 comments on “Veda News: What I've been up to

  1. So excited for your redesign and definitley look forward to seeing those food-photo-styling results!!

    I’m still pretty new to your blog but i had been scrolling through your freelance journey section and really enjoyed how you kept posts small and easy to read, a style I am hoping to add to my own blog too. Especially now that your done with working full time you’ll need to keep tellling us about your journey! Especially how you keep getting clients and work coming in, as that is my biggest worry about making the leap to full time freelance.

    I also love it when bloggers share good resources! Excited for whatever you got coming!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alicia. Your feedback is lovely and I’ll think about incorporating my styling into the blog more as well as keep everyone up to date on the freelance process & freelance resources. Thanks for everything and have a lovely Friday tomorrow!

  2. I Just found your blog on blog lovin. First I want to say that I love it. Second, This post really gave me the heebie jeebies! I am currently in a work in progress getting ready for doing this exact thing. My goal is to be be fully self employed by 2014. I am scared but more so overwhelmingly excited. I can’t wait to see more updates about your journey. If you need anything I am hear to talk. (even though you don’t know me, It’s the offer that counts!) I mean it! The best of luck!

    1. Hi Jessica!
      Welcome to The Veda House. Thanks for stopping by and sharing how you found me. I’m always curious to know how this little blog of mine is reaching other creatives. I’m wishing you the best of luck with your fully self employed adventure. Since I’m only one week in, I don’t have a lot of advice except to continue to fight for what you know your creative soul needs. Keep in touch and the offer to just chat is open for yourself as well. Best!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love that sharing how life can be scary brings out new faces into the discussion. I really appreciate your support of my little blog and love having you as a reader. Thanks again!

  3. Hi, its me again 🙂
    I just remembered something random. the other day you posted a video about Milton Glaser and shortly before that you were talking about the video from alt summit with the founder of pinterest. I watched both the vidos and really enjoyed it.
    I just kind of realized that most blogs i follow dont usually share videos or podcasts.I really enjoy watching them so……i guess all i’m saying is that I would be pretty stoked to have more recommmended little videos on here 🙂

    1. Alicia,
      Thanks so much for coming back to give me this feedback. The incorporation of podcasts/videos is a relatively new thing to The Veda House. I’ve challenged myself to continue to seek out education, and podcasts is a great way to do so. I’ll continue to post them! Thanks again!

  4. With your design background and your interest in baking and styling, it reminds me of something I just read. Katie from What Katie Ate ( was just featured in MADE magazine and interestingly enough, she was a graphic designer for years before she decided to become a food stylist. Now she just finished her first cookbook that she did all the recipes for, baked, styled AND photographed! Pretty amazing.

    I can’t find the MADE site but this is the issue the interview was in:

    Good luck with your new journey!

    1. Hi Shauna,
      I’ve actually been following Katie’s blog now for a few years and just received her cookbook this past Christmas. I’ve been completely inspired by her and she certainly got me thinking that there is NO reason why I can’t be a designer AND a stylist…so that’s what I’m doing. It’s good to hear from you Shauna and I’ll be sure to track down the article in Made 🙂

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