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Inspired By: Mark Peckmezian's Portraits

Thanks to Pinterest I was able to track down a “new-to-me” photographer, Mark Peckmezian, who has an amazing eye and ability to capture people as they are. As an amateur photographer myself, I find portraits to be one of the hardest subjects to photograph because portraits can so easily look “off”.

Mark’s Flickr stream is filled with some really artistic shots. If you’re looking for someone who can capture raw human emotion with a node to earlier days of photography, Mark’s your guy.


One comment on “Inspired By: Mark Peckmezian's Portraits

  1. The photos have that very “raw” feel to them. I love it. I’m also a self-taught photographer and know what you mean by them easily looking “off”. If you shoot at a slightly different angle it can make people look awkward or weird/unflattering.
    I love a variety of photography, I think my “current favourite” is always changing, however I am always falling back in love with portraits.

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