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Inspired By: Of a Kind Shop

Of A Kind is a collection of really amazing artisans, clothing designers, and jewelry designers. The website is a place where each designer is showcased along with their handmade goods. My absolute favorite thing about this site is that it gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of how each product in the shop was crafted and a little insight into the designer.

It’s a really great way to feel connected to the item your buying, especially in an online environment. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, you can learn a whole lot about some great artists. What do you guys think?

Inspired by: Su at Heist

Heist is an online shop hosting lots of really fantastic clothing designers, such as SU. SU has these really beautiful drapey shirts/dresses that are beautifully made and are made of high quality materials. I’d love to own the Grey Jimba Kaftan, but wouldn’t also make a really amazing throw blanket or scarf??

See more Su or shop by via Heist

Inspired By: Alberto Fabbian

Alberto’s project called &ABILITY is an intricate interaction of pieces. Each pieces has it’s own identity and each pieces is a smaller piece of the whole. The project was a collaboration between different craftsman, an idea that is held highly in Italy.

“I believe that every artisans know-how reflects the identity of its territory. In Italy, where traditional handcraft has always played a fundamental role, craftsmen represent a real opportunity to experiment and innovate, as well as an essential way to create connections between people. -Alberto”

You can see more photos of this project HERE.

Inspired by: Craft and Culture

I was reading through my favorite blogs and came across a giveaway (now closed)on Jennifer’s blog, A Merry Mishap. Her blog is amongst my top favs and I get lots of inspiration from the things she shares. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

Craft and Culture strives to bring the world of talented artisans to the masses. Their products range from accessories, to clothing, to jewelry. Read more about their unique story here. Another one of my favorite artists, Scout & Catalogue is also showcased in the shop.

Inspired by: Piotr Kowalski

Piotr is an artist, sculptor and architect who uses non-traditional materials to produce works of art that are tangible and expressive. My favorite are his outdoor sculptures that look graphic when photographed. Aren’t large scale pieces just fascinating?

Inspired By: Landon Metz

Landon Metz in an american artist (only one year older than me!!!) and living in New York City. If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that I’m drawn to artist who’s work is abstract, but overlaid with a unique story or concept behind the work. Wikipedia says that Landon’s work is centered around an elevated consciousness that he believes to be synonymous with a state of “no mind”. Without researching the work more, I took the work to be the result of painting without over-thinking.

See more of the show here–>

Inspired By: Nanushka

I don’t usually post about fashion items, but when I see something that stops me in my tracks, I just gotta share. I stumbled upon Nanushka clothing company via one of my favorite blogs, Spell & Gypsy Collective. Nanushka’s pieces are so artistic and textural, they are stunning.

If you have some spare time, check out Nanushka and if you need a new blog, check out Spell & Gypsy Collective

Recent Work: Branding for Katie Newburn Photography

Hello there! Hope everyone is have an amazing Friday and that you have something planned for the weekend! Usually I share some notable links with you on Fridays, but today I wanted to share a notable photographer with you, Katie Newburn. Katie is an amazing food photographer living in San Francisco. She’s been busy growing her body of work for a few years now and thought it was time to grow her brand image as well.

Katie and I have been in contact and working together for many months now. Our goal was to look at the logo she already had and make some refinements to it. We also wanted to explore other ways a logo or icon could be used for her brand. An example of this might be an icon for an email signature, a watercolor icon to be used as a graphic element on a business card, or even a watermark to be placed on top of her photos. The end result is a cohesive brand mark that can be used across many elements.

We’re also working to organize a large body of work and showcase the images in a designed and professional printed portfolio. The process has taken longer than expected because we’re trying to source the best printer for the job, but non the less…it’s all pretty exciting.

If you need help with branding for your business, shoot me an email!

Inspired By: African Baskets

I’ve been really drawn to these African baskets. I absolutely love the mix of color and texture…and who wouldn’t love their unique organic shapes. These little guys are a bit pricey, but the craftsmanship is one of a kind.

What kind of house ware goods are you drawn to these days?

You can purchase these beauties here –>

Inspired By: Raw Materials

Glass, metal, stone…all very appealing to me when it’s presented in it’s most natural state…vases that aren’t perfectly polished, metal details that are starting to patina, hand-blown glass formed into organic shapes. I’m always looking for pieces to add to my home and this collection of items are just lovely aren’t they?

Denim, Green Vase, Pyramids, Cluster of Vases, Glass Carafe