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Inspired By: Raw Materials

Glass, metal, stone…all very appealing to me when it’s presented in it’s most natural state…vases that aren’t perfectly polished, metal details that are starting to patina, hand-blown glass formed into organic shapes. I’m always looking for pieces to add to my home and this collection of items are just lovely aren’t they?

Denim, Green Vase, Pyramids, Cluster of Vases, Glass Carafe

4 comments on “Inspired By: Raw Materials

  1. These are quite beautiful. I think the rougher, organic textures somehow makes them seem more man friendly. It’s always a bit of a struggle in my home to find pieces that are interesting to look at, yet androgynous enough to please both myself and my husband.

    1. You bring up a good point…pleasing both male and female with home goods. I think these organic pieces definitely solve that problem.

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