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inside our st. louis loft

This is one of those post that I’ve been trying to get done for some time now, but felt our place needed a bit of early spring cleaning before I give you a sneak peek. I plan on sharing our main living area and bedroom, but I’m holding off on our working studio for another time. (I’ve got an idea with that)

Here’s a little background to how we acquired out lovely loft. About two years ago we found out were would be moving to St. Louis because I got a job at an advertising agency in town. We needed to find a place fast and drove the 7+ hours two weekends in a row searching at every possible loft space. The thing was that most of the spaces were not going to be available until months later or they came with a hefty price tag. We were on a budget and didn’t want to have my entire paycheck going towards rent. Any how, two weekends later we have a loft that is too expensive, but we love every part of it, including the beautiful neighborhood. (except that it doesn’t have an outdoor space/balcony. Oh and it has carpet…)

Since we are renting the space I have been limited on what I can do. I can’t alter the structure in any way and ripping up the ugly carpet really isn’t an option. ( I know there is concrete under there that is gorgeous!!!) I’ve been slowing piecing the place together with hand made furniture, thrifted pieces and a lot of artwork/trinkets. Everything is a work in progress as it slowly shifts from college furniture to “grown-up” furniture, but the process has been fun.

Some of my favorite things about our space is that we have SUPER high ceilings that are covered from wall to wall in wood. We have 8, 10-foot high windows that are surrounded entirely in brick, exposed duct work and massive wooden beams that stand vertically to support the place. My favorite pieces of furniture include my mid-century style gray couch, white storage cabinet (where I keep all my magazine, photo albums and records), my Saarinen dining table, mustard glass lamp, and all my artwork. Some new pieces include my hand-made end table made up of a letterpress tray and some table legs found on ebay. ( x-mas gift from my dad) I could go on and on about the pieces I have since I only collect things that come with a story. It’s my way of making sure my place doesn’t get too cluttered.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of what we call home. Click the thumbnails below if you’d like to see more. I plan on showing my working space sometime in the near future, so look for that.

If you see anything you’d like to chat about let me know. I could chat all day about interior spaces!

5 comments on “inside our st. louis loft

  1. Wow, what a beautiful space you have! I understand your frustrations about the floors but I love the ceilings and the exposed brick – and I’m sure having 10-ft tall windows doesn’t hurt either! I like the bike details you’ve got and the thrifted furniture – I’m all about showcasing old pieces and giving them some new life! Thanks for offering us a look inside!

    1. Ironically I found those bike frames in a dumpster. I asked the bike guy first if had any damaged rims and he said “check the dumpster”. So what did we do…we climbed in!

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