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this week's picks for friday finds & favorites

This week has been an extremely busy week at the agency and with blog features in the evenings. I didn’t have as much time as I usually do to go blog hopping, but I did stumble upon some really great new daily reads to add to my newsfeed.

Don’t forget about my weekly “gettin sh*t done” playlist below!

Tunes for your Friday:

So, I’ve had The National CD (High Violet) playing in my car now for over 3 months. I listen to it ever time I start the engine and it seems to be the only thing to keep me calm during my drive to and from work. If you haven’t listened to the album before, check out what you’ve been missing.

Also, stop by the lovely ladies blogs from the list below. I’m sure you’ll fall in love just as I did. Each one brings something different to the table and each keep me wanting more.

This Week’s Blog Love:
Harper’s Happenings – A momma blogger/twitter lover. Daughter = the cutest thing!
The Daybook–  A down-to earth fashionista who has the cutest adventures as a newlywed.
June Vintage– Find her at playdates with her kid, at thrift stores and behind her camera.
Daydream Lily– Cute creative blog and great Etsy Shop full of hand-made accessories.
Grown Up Rachel– A woman looks back on to what she thought life would be like.
The Clothes Horse– Daily photoshoots and the cutest stop motion animations.

Looking for some inspiration?
1. Print your blog in book form! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a printed form of all the work you’ve done on your blog. Now you can. Create your book here!
2. You & Me The Royal We-  A product line created by 3 Brooklyn studio mates. These guys can write children’s books, illustrate, paint, animate, collage things together, and create stunning jewelry. Go to site!
3. Trendey Stories- This website posts stories about home decor. You’ll find little stories that are personal, creative and from a Scandinavian perspective. Join the discussions here!
4. Kelly Murray Ar & Design- A San Diago girl who is always drawing and creating. She is a head designer at a clothing company and her blog is filled with her personal illustrations.   See Kelly now.
5. Love of My Life- A great initiative to get people to share their love stories. Its a worldwide collection of love proclamations. Read the story here. If you know Jen from Jen Loves Kev…you’ll absolutely love this. (support her husband’s genius project)

I hope all of you have plans for a relaxing weekend. I’ve had a busy week and plan to do very little. I think I might start my quilt and make a cake. See last week’s Friday Finds & Favorites.

If you are interested in being featured on the site, please let me know. I love to introduce great bloggers to my readers!

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