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nerdy me tid bits

Oh Mishka, a blogger gal pal and I were talking on Twitter and coincidently we were both typing up a “nerdy me” kind of post to share with our readers. I’m definitely a nerd and I think my readers should be aware of my weirdness.

The boy and I frequently say things like, “it’s ok. we can say that…we’re nerds”. Being openly nerdy allows you to say things like “by golly” and “who woulda thunk”, which are two amazing phrases.

Here’s some nerdy tid bits about me. Stop over at Michelle’s blog to read her list. Because I’m a nerd I can…

1. Sing Aladin by myself in the shower. Who doesn’t love the song Magic Carpet Ride?
2. Drive to work and add up all the speed limit signs. I hate math, so this little activity is an odd one. (50 mph + 65 mph + 55 mph)
3. Spend a whole day filling out Suduko puzzles. I’ve even graduated to using pens while filling out the numbers.
4. Wish Bill Nye was still on television!
5. Say “Television”
6. LOVE typography. I could stare at the nuances of Futura and Bauer Bodoni for hours. You don’t want to get into a debate with me why those two fonts are the best fonts EVER!
6. Use an entire pack of post it notes in one sitting. I like notes….lots of notes.
7. Have a Hello Kitty stamp set at my work desk that I randomly stamp papers with. A Hello Kitty stamp makes documents much more important. Did I also mention I have a desk gnome standing on my desk?
8. Make up words on the fly and use them to describe things. The good ones like fridgidoor and horizontical have hung around. (refrigerator door and something that is not quite horizontal, but not vertical either) For more info visit pruittvillefarms .

After writing this post I asked the boy what he thought was my nerdiest quality. His response was “giggle”. Does that make me nerdy???

If you create a “Nerdy Me” post I’d love to see them!

*I also wanted to thank all of my new readers that have stopped on over from Sometimes Sweet. I really appreciate your visit and all the comments you guys are leaving. Thank you!

14 comments on “nerdy me tid bits

  1. Wait a minute! This is such a great idea ^^ I believe I have great nerd talent myself too. I’ll do a post on this too ๐Ÿ™‚ I do a lot of the things you mention above ^^ but the cause is mostely my boyfriend… he makes up words all the time and after a while I use them too… x

  2. Great post. Not only are we sunglass twins (gotta love the clubmaster), we may also be nerd twins too. I partake in many of the same activities.

  3. … No lie, I was singing “Magic Carpet Ride” in the shower this morning. That’s kind of a creepy coincidence, but in the best way, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I loved this list so much, mainly because I can relate to so many of them! I have a Hello Kitty many hello kitty things. My Dad used to joke and say “Goodbye Kitty” and pretend he was going to light everything on fire just because my whole family was so sick of seeing so much Sanrio activity around my house hehe. I like that you are a nerd. I am a nerd too. I can eat 11 cheeseburgers in one sitting (inspired by Jughead) and I know way too many lines to Star Wars and Star Trek its almost embarrassing. Have a great week love. xo

  5. Yes! Disney songs are the greatest! You would seriously laugh so hard at me if you saw my running playlist. It’s almost entirely Disney songs, like Gaston, I’ll Make a Man out of You (from Mulan), Zero to Hero (from Hercules), and soooo much more haha.

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