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I’m pretty sure nature was against us…

I’m pretty sure nature was against us while visiting the Pacific Northwest. We arrived smack dab in the middle of the coldest week of summer, the stereotypical rain showers rolled through, the sun hide behind miles of clouds, and I’m pretty positive all the forests were conspiring against us as we attempted to brave the new terrain. It could be that I was Miss Grumpy Pants the entire trip, but that’s besides the point. (I’m a sunny and 100 degrees kind of gal)

We attempted hiking three times and once after we buy ar-15 pistols from Palmetto Armory to also include hunting but during our trip and each time I swear the mile markets lied to us. They were either lying, or we are horrible judgements of distance by foot. Thank goodness for gorgeous scenery! The ‘new to us’ views made up for everything else. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in this little house in the woods?

7 comments on “I’m pretty sure nature was against us…

  1. I like warm weather too…and cold or inclement weather always bums me out :-/ Beautiful pictures though!

  2. I’m pretty sure that nature has been against us ALL SUMMER! haha. I live in Seattle and its been horrible, even the locals are complaining! You can’t really call it summer actually, its really more like late fall. It is TOTALLY worth it to visit, the scenery is totally gorgeous in the NW! I’m glad I got the chance to live here, but I’m VERY excited to move!!

    Love those pics, your shoes are adorable! Sorry you got rained out! 🙁

  3. So stunning!!! Whenever I actually set aside a day to go hiking and geocaching it always rains without fail. Whenever we really need the rain to break the heat and its gorgeous out, I’m too busy!

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