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starting today…

I’m taking a mini- break. ย A break to sit back and think, assess, reassess, and to get inspired again. When I got back from my trip to Portland this summer I had over a month’s worth of content I wanted to share with you guys. Of course I interspersed my normal “Love This” posts and “Friday Finds & Favorites”, but the majority of my sharing was from our trip. Blogging was almost effortless for an entire month. All I had to do was edit some photos of pretty things and then tell you a little bit about them. Easy peezy and fun.

I’ve now exhausted all Portland content (I bet some of you are saying, thank goodness…haha) and now I am kind of at a loss. I know I have things to blog about because I’m thinking about stuff all the time. The thing I’m lacking is time to compile the posts in a meaningful way and to share those posts with you.

Starting today I am taking a one week blogging break to kind of catch up on my to do list. I’m going to take this time to get inspired again and come back with some great content to share. September is going to be exciting. I have almost every weekend booked with family and friends weekend visits, lots of shop updates, new design opportunities, and a pile of DIYs to share. This all means there will be lots of fun stuff to be blogging about.

I’ve never taken more than a weekend break and the thought of a whole week is super scary. As a new blogger I’m scared I’m going to lose all you sweet souled readers I have coming back on a daily basis and that’s terrifying. I hope everyone understands everyone needs a break once and while and because this blog is ultimately for ME, I need to pay it a little respect and not post crap.

Some things to look at while I’m away. I’m a Pinning queen on Pinterestand will be updating my boards with some pretty pretties. I’m also on Twitter if you’d like to chat ๐Ÿ™‚

Last note. I’ve been sponsoring some other amazing bloggers this month. Go check them out! I promise you won’t be disappointed.
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6 comments on “starting today…

  1. Sometimes it boggles my mind that you started The Veda House just THIS year! Look how much you’ve accomplished, Cassie. It’s inspiring and you deserve a break. We all love you and your blog, we’ll be here when you get back… REST and ENJOY. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Don’t be scared! You won’t lose me as a reader. your blog is one of my favorites. I think it’s really important to take breaks here and there. Whenever I’ve taken breaks, I lose some steam with my readership, which is bothersome, but in order to keep this up and keep inspired and keep going, you need breaks.

    I hope you get re-charged, inspired and feel refreshed when you come back. Enjoy your break!!!


  3. You are my absolute favorite blogger on the planet – so take some time to relax…..your loyal fans will be here when you are ready to share ๐Ÿ™‚

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