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B&W walk + 12 by 2012

Danni from Hello, Friend has put together 12 by 2012, which encourages everyone to get those final items marked off your 2011 To Do lists. I’d determined and hope this digital list will keep me motivated. Click on the image above to stop by Danni’s blog and submit your own 12 by 2012 lists!

1 // Organize blog content and post structure. Make blogging more streamlined
2 // Full Etsy shop update before the shopping holiday
3 // Finish putting together office area and do an office tour on the blog
4 // Start taking on freelance blog designs (email me if you are interested)
5 // Finish 3 more books from my “to read” list
6 // Start a new Thanksgiving tradition with the boy
7 // Send out Christmas cards to family (I really going to do this!!)
8 // Go to yoga class more consistently
9 // Get my portfolio up to date
10 // Try 5 NEW recipes (I’m attempting to broaden my horizons)
11 // Have real evergreens in my home this holiday season!
12 // Reconnect with pen pals 🙂


* photos by : the veda house

5 comments on “B&W walk + 12 by 2012

  1. These are great goals (thanks for #7, I needed a reminder to do that myself)

    I am participating in Dannis 12 by 2012 as well and I am trying not to focus on the fact that there are only 10 weeks left in the year to accomplish them. I better get mvoing.
    Love the new look, by the way!

  2. Eek only 10 more weeks! I have so many things, it’s hard to narrow down to 12, but that’ll be a good exercise. I’ll try too. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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