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friday finds & favorites // 36

[vimeo 2944140 w=750&h=420]

1. This home tour on Smile & Wave this week was pretty grand. I’d love to have the Boyd’s as neighbors!

2. Are you in love with play cameras? Here’s an amazing site for all you play camera accessories and goodies.

3. Did you guys see Lackluster Co on this week? This gal’s shop has been in my Etsy “fans” for the longest time. Great shop for vintage greatness.

4. Check out this chicken coop!!!! Like Wow!

5. Martha Stewart is adding a little bling bling to dollar store toys. I’m totally loving it! (I’m thinking Christmas tree ornaments??)

6. Yet another Martha Stewart shout out. This woman is killin’ it. These donuts and coffee wedding treats are AMAZING!

7. Caitlin Moe: Musical Muse on Refinery29. Great photoshoot!

8. This recipe for spiced popcorn would be a great item to bring to fall get togethers.

9. Tapestry pillows in great patterns….yes please!

10. This Pennyweight Pin Board (via Pinterest) is really great for showing how to photography found objects in nature.

Happy Weekend!

8 comments on “friday finds & favorites // 36

  1. That ‘art of doing stuff’ blog is fantastic! That chicken coop is a work of art. I got so excited when I saw that. My sister and I have been talking about getting chickens for awhile. Fresh eggs and cute pets would be perfect.

  2. Those kids are gonna be so cool when they grow up:D
    And the chicken coop… at first I smiled, than I started saying wow wow, in the end I almost cried, this link stays open for the rest of the day.
    Great links, thank you!

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