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Herriott Grace: Kitchen Eye Candy

I’ve noticed I’m quite attracted to food blogs that show beautifully photographed food on pretty plates with amazing silverware and garnishes. This is odd coming from one of the pickiest eaters you’ll ever meet. So, today I give you food/ kitchen eye candy. Enjoy!

I totally forget how I stumbled upon Herriot Grace’s online shop / blog , but OMG am I glad I did. Its absolute eye candy! In the shop you can buy beautiful kitchen items at a decent price (think Holiday gifts guys!). All of the products are made from 100% salvaged wood! No two pieces are exactly alike, so you’ll get a piece that is completely unique. (I love that!) Her blog is just as beautiful and gives her readers the inside scoop on what’s going on. Please stop by and ohhh and ahhh. I know you won’t be disappointed!

*all images are pulled from Herriott Grace Online Store // click images to go to store!

6 comments on “Herriott Grace: Kitchen Eye Candy

  1. Is there any kitchen item more beautiful than a handmade cutting board with a rough edge? I submit there is not. Beautifully photographed food has got to be one of my weak spots. Thanks for pointing me to this blog, I’m definitely adding it to my blog roll. 😉

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