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In Their Home // Maria Emb

Maria, the engineering student/blogger of Maria Emb showcases sneak peeks from inside her home as well as food photography and other interior design inspiration. Her blog has become one of my favorites because she is constantly pumping out original content, and did I mention her design sense is amazing. Her home looks warm and cozy, but keeps simplicity at its core. Every item in the space works well with one another and the color palette or each room is one I envy. I’d also die for her stoneware collection!

Please stop by HER BLOG and jump from one post to the next. I know you won’t be disappointed!

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8 comments on “In Their Home // Maria Emb

  1. WOW! I’m so overwhelmed by your words. Thank you! That is probably the nicest thing anybody have ever written about me and my blog. You have made my day! Thank you!

    Kind regards
    Maria (mariaemb.)

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