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recreate it / 01

Hi guys! I’m excited to announce a new design collaboration happening here every Wednesday with Bre of MOXEE. The two of us have really “hit it off” in the terms of designer-to-designer relationships, and we felt like it would be fun to share some design insights with you. We could go on and on about what typefaces we drool over or what design websites keep us glued for hours, but that would only bore you over time. Instead, every Wednesday we are going to share 2 Recreate It posts (one here on my blog and one over on her blog) that will hopefully help you translate those pretty magazines spreads you see into something more tangible. Hey! You may even get some new blog post layout ideas from it. Hope you enjoy this new feature as much as the both of us. Cheers!

kinfolk / photo / grotesque mt / linux libertine / aw conqueror / breanna rose


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