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Sibella Court: A cozy home

This fall, I got my Design Sponge book in the mail (see the DesignSpong Sneak Peek)and I’ve been reading through it slowly, soaking up all the little details. Within the book, Sibella Court’s home was featured and OMG…love. Seeing her space in the book drove me to look her up on the internet. Great stuff, people…everywhere. This chick is awesome!

Sibella seems to be an extreme collector and it’s refreshing to see how she displays these collections in her home. She also has a storefront in sunny Australia. (jealous) Both spaces are extremely unique with unexpected combinations of color and objects. Hope you enjoy her as much as I have.

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6 comments on “Sibella Court: A cozy home

  1. Oh goodness – as I scrolled down, I was like “I love this one” then I’d see the next photo and say “no, this one!” love it all – beautiful photos! what a gorgeous, cozy home indeed.

  2. I discovered her work a few months ago and just absolutely adore it. She has a book, Nomad – Bringing Your Travels Home – due out this Fall (or perhaps it’s already out? I’m in India and thus a bit behind….) and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. oh my goodness i did an upfront with interview with sibella and was like a kid in a candy store when she let me photographed her store!!!! it was freakin amazing!!!! i’m looking forward to her new book Nomad!!!! amazing woman indeed.

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