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My love for the Bold & Geometric

I can’t tell if its a trending design movement or just something I’m drawn to, but the bold and geographic tend to stop me in my tracks on a daily basis. Any kind of design that uses harsh edges, bold colors, geographic repeating patterns, and origami gets an A+ in my book. The images above are just a few of my recent favorites.

If you’d like to bring some geometric touches into your home or workspace, I highly suggest the DIY by the Blow Up girls. I’ve downloaded their pre-made templates and have been piecing them together here and there, when I have a little bit of down time.

Are you guys liking the Bold and Geometric?

Gemma Smith // Clara Von Zweigbergk // Blow Up

6 comments on “My love for the Bold & Geometric

  1. I am L O V I N G bold and geometric. Some of my new work has really been inspired by it. I’m obsessed. Like a whole-board-on-pinterest-dedicated-to-it, obsessed. 🙂

  2. to answer your question – YES. i don’t know what it is either and wondered the same myself.. i think we are just drawn to something that seems to be a trending movement 🙂

    also – i wanted to let you know i just nominated you at (i stumbled onto their site today) i think you’d make great mixes – i hope they get a hold of you if they haven’t already!

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