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Lonny is no doubt a wonderful online magazine and one of the most well known out there. I was paging through their most recent issue and fell in love with this spread. So often, you’ll see magazines simply cut out images for a collection, which is totally fine. However, I really do love that lonny took the time to lay out everything in the form of an image. It looks completely cohesive!!

On top of that, they added a fancy pants font, memoriam pro, to the mix. I fell in love with this one while working with it on a client project not too long ago!! And finally, the image on the bottom is from an amazing website called Things Organized Neatly. There’s a stream of photos that are laid out and fun to look at – which is definitely something you should give a look. Enjoy + don’t forget to stop by moxee for cassie’s post!

lonny / Things Organized Neatly / memoriam pro / breanna rose



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