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Matthias Heiderich's Favorites Places

I can see why this album in Matthias’s portfolio was called “Favorite Places”. It’s pretty darn amazing what fog can do to a scene and a photographers shots. Everything transforms into a mystery.

Stop by his portfolio to see more great work in a variety of styles.

8 comments on “Matthias Heiderich's Favorites Places

  1. All 4 shots, awesome, awesome,awesome…..
    This is a style many will be drawn to, photo 3, gets you to look deep inside the shot, what is beyond the fog?

  2. hej, i just stumbled upon your blog und thought “hej, isn´t that…” – and yes, that´s berlin, the closed tempelhof airport, which is a park now. and then i read the name – matthias heidrich. i recently fell lin love with his work, too!
    sooo mystical, right?! like a dream!

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