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South Island New Zealand Captured by Chris Sisarich

I believe I stumbled upon Chris Sisarich’s photographs one day when I was scrolling through pinterest. His portfolio of professional/personal work is pretty extensive. Within his portfolio there are these four images of South Island New Zealand, and yet again…I’m dreaming about seeing the place for myself. Every single image I’ve ever seen of New Zealand is filled with beauty and mystery. Sounds pretty magical to me.

Chris Sisarich’s landscapes

7 comments on “South Island New Zealand Captured by Chris Sisarich

  1. new zealand has always been a dream to me. so beautiful, and the wildlife there is simply amazing! you see things there you will see no where else.

  2. Lovely photographs! I have been to New Zealand once — drove from the top to the bottom in the short span of 14 days — and it was amazing. These photos make my heart hurt to go back!

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