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A Happy Place in all white

I know this home interior has been flying around the digital world like hot pancakes, but I just had to repost. One of my favorite home design inspiration sites is Fantastic Frank (based out of Stockholm). No matter what apartment is being listed, the spaces are shown beautifully as if they are currently being lived in. This particular space makes me really happy. The lighting alone has me sold and that kitchen!!! Love it all.

See more photos here.
Originally seen via The Design Attractor.

5 comments on “A Happy Place in all white

    1. I’m so glad you like and haven’t seen it before. I definitely thought everyone and their mother had seen the space, so I’m pleased that you haven’t. Enjoy!

  1. The trend of painting your floors is hot!
    Last year I saw a lot of black floors, this year “white” must be the go to color. White, everywhere….

    I love the photography, and the design of the room. NICE.

    1. I love the painted floors too. Especially if you live in a place where the wood is ruined enough that simply retaining wouldn’t help.

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