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Messors: A die for retreat

How would yo like to plop yourself down in one of the world’s most beautiful locations and soak in all the knowledge you could about art restoration or maybe even learn from some of the most authentic italian chefs? Sounds like perfection to me. Messors is a collection of artistic workshops that allow you to spend an extended amount of time with some of the best art forms Puglia, an italian town. You’re 100% immersed within the Puglian culture, history, food, architecture, and artistic treasures and you get to stay in a historical family home (with working farm).

As a college student, I got to witness one of my professors leaving the US to live in Italy for a month or two on his creative sabbatical.  I had never really heard of this concept before, but I’am finding that lots of creatives out there partake in this kind of deep dive retreat for the brain. I hear a retreat of this style is beyond intensive but more worth it than words can describe. Today, I’m putting a creative sabbatical on my bucket list and Messors is a likely candidate 🙂

Have you ever taken a creative sabbatical? Worth it? Interested?


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