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Jeremy Mason: Wax & Oil

Hey there friendly friends! I’ve been feeling a little slacking in the fine art department here on the blog so today’s post is all about that. I was recently introduced to the work of Jeremy Mason (Financial Planner by day, artist by night) and was instantly intrigued. The pieces are abstract (which I love) and are constructed with some unique materials; oil, wax, & wood. Did I mention the awesome use of color? After talking a little with Jeremy through email, this is what he had to say about his work.

I love modern art with an antique sensibility.  I am inspired by art and design that is as comfortable as it is challenging.  As such, I attempt to use the most traditional materials I can in my work. 

My latest series was made using encaustic wax, a medium that dates back to the Egyptian times and was revived by modern artist Jasper Johns.  For the base of each painting I brushed wood panels with a rust mixture historically used for staining gun stocks.  The wax is used to seal the wood grain and can be clear for building layers or pigmented to add color.  ”  –Jeremy

Take a look at some more of his work here!

4 comments on “Jeremy Mason: Wax & Oil

  1. interesting. I find pieces with wax always slightly disturbing. there is something to its consistency that makes me uncomfortable. which is not per se a bad thing. there is something so much more physical about these… hmmm… not sure what to think…

  2. I am generally not drawn to abstract art, but — WOW. His work is so great. I love, love, love the colors. Very unique.

    Thanks so much for sharing his inspiring images!

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