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Lesson Learned: Always be prepared

So last week I was out and about around town and decided to stop in a newly opened boutique shop. I loved it. The aesthetic, the business model…everything about it was unique. A friend and I got to talking to the shop owner about how she got started and specifically how she’s currently running things. My friend and I mentioned a business idea we’ve been throwing around and then it happened…the shop owner asked for a business card. I was also making plans in mind for marketing or having review on sites.

AHHH, I didn’t have one with me and instantly felt inferior and less professional. I felt like if I would have had a card with me, the business plan we were blabbering about would have been more convincing. That’s the moment that I decided I really needed to make more business cards…and pronto. I’ve known the importance of having a business card since my college days, but I’ve been slacking.

Have you guys ever been caught in a situation where you wish you would have had a business card or some kind of leave behind? I’d love to hear your “I could kick myself in the face” moments.

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  1. Great example of why we all need one! I’m currently designing mine. Any tips one what to carry them in or where to find cute containers? I feel like that’s important too….

    1. Honestly I think it’s ok to carry them in something you always have on you. I also think you should never hand over a damaged business card (folds, tears, etc), so choose a carrying device that will keep them safe 🙂

  2. Mostly anytime I am speaking to someone about my blog and I have to go through the theatrics of emailing them later or finding a piece of paper to scribble the url on. Don’t worry, with the redesigns offer the perfect point in time to create eye-grabbing business cards!

  3. I haven’t had one of these moments yet because I am just starting out but I feel like it’s coming. I haven’t had cards made yet (I guess there is something so permanent and definitive about having a business card) and I’m scared somewhere, someday (before I’m ready) I will need it. Keeping my fingers crossed I’m prepared sooner rather than later!

    1. Don’t be afraid to make them. I have a whole set of unused (out of date information) business cards that are essentially going to go to waste. It’s better to have them just in case 🙂

  4. It’s funny – business cards are really important but there always seems to be a little problem with it. Either it’s like you said – you forget to take them with you, or there’s not enough space for all your information on that piece of paper, or the information is out of date (as you said as well).
    Every time it comes to business cards I feel the urge to share a new solution on that, a project my boyfriend has been working on lately. It’s called I’ll be in touch which basically takes business cards into the smartphone-world. Most people do have a smartphone these days, and you’d carry that around with you, too. There are other features that come with the app as well – so feel free to sign up on the website, and you’ll get an email once the app is available in the app store.
    It works like this: when you meet someone you ask them for their email address, stick it into the app, and you’ll then be able to choose from a list which of your contact details you want to share with them. You would have created a personalised email template beforehand, which is then sent to the person you just met.
    The other way round you won’t end up with a pile of business cards after an event either, and won’t have to go through the hassle of digitalizing all the information.
    It’s basically your business card in smartphone-version.
    + every time you update some of your contact details it will automatically be updated on everyone else’s phone as well (if they have the app installed).

    Hope that helps. 🙂
    I’m excited about it, and can’t wait to actually use it. I think it will be really helpful.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on it! 🙂

    Helena x

  5. yep, definitely been there. but also, i’m just now wanting to build more business and do some freelancing. i also FINALLY made a real website, so i need to update my cards.

  6. Oh no! I actually had a brilliant “prepared” moment last weekend. My boyfriend and I were at our favorite local pub/winebar, a friend-of-a-friend recognized us and we started chatting, she mentioned a really neat kickstarter project she’s involved with that needed a digital designer, I mentioned that I’ve been dying to try my hand at exactly the type of digital interactive she was describing, and I was able to hand over my business card. She passed my info on to her collaborator, they both loved my portfolio, and I’m meeting up with them both tonight for the first time.

    And mine isn’t even really a business card: it’s more of a calling card with my name+tagline, phone number, twitter handle, and blog URL. I get them from moo.

  7. I’m trying to get better at it, so I started carrying cards in my bag. A few weeks ago I was picking up yarn, and the associate helping me asked for my business name to look up later—only AFTER I got back home did I remember that my stack of cards was in the bag I had on me, and I TOTALLY could have given her one. Uf!

    A tip I’d recommend: Keep a stack of business cards in all your bags—I rotate about 4 different bags, and too many times my cards have been in the one that’s not on me when someone asks for more info.

  8. O my goodness I read this and had a couple flash backs to a very embarrassing moment. A couple months ago I randomly met a well known graphic designer (i am too ashamed to say her name) and after talking to her for a while she asked me if I had a business card. I scrambled though my purse, but realized i had none on me. I was so embarrassed at missing this opportunity to stay in touch with someone so experienced. As well as I looked so unprofessional. It’s a very embarrassing moment, but luckily from this I learned to always have my card on me and a couple weeks after that I was talking to a women who is just getting her business started and needs some design help. Lucky for me I had a business card in hand and now we are happily collaborating. So I guess in all it was a good lesson learned right, but know your not alone!

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