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Veda News: Right Now… & Soon

23 comments on “Veda News: Right Now… & Soon

  1. Yes! I’m super excited for you Cassie and I hope all the pieces fall in place for you very “soon”. *LOVE the graphics.

  2. I truly hope that’s hope your graph unfolds. Since I started freelancing full time, I’ve found myself spending more time than I ever expected doing marketing and social media and not as much making super creative art. BUT, there’s nothing more rewarding than working for yourself. Good luck!

  3. you go girl!!! i hope you can fulfill your dreams and go with that second chart!! it will feel so good! good luck!!!
    ps. i have been away of my reader for a few weeks and i’m catching up on your blog first, oh i missed it so much!

  4. I just want to say that I LOVE this diagram that you made! It’s simple and beautiful. Congrats on your upcoming changes, that’s so exciting!

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