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Lesson Learned: Wise Words, My Dear!

This past weekend I flew myself out to Palm Springs for a little retreat with like-minded creatives. 20 of us gals gathered to share our experiences as graphic designers/freelancers/bloggers and be inspired by each other’s creativity and successes. Over the next few days, I felt like it would be fun to share some of my “lessons learned” with those of you who were not there.

If I were to choose the best piece of advice I gathered over the weekend from my friends at casino trực tuyến uy tín, it would be this: “Take what you are currently doing (ex: workload/projects/ideas) and cut it in half”.

Just the act of cutting what you’re doing in half forces you to really dissect what you’ve taken on. Is it all important to your growth as a designer? Are your ideas focused and ownable? Force yourself to really look at what your currently doing and streamline everything down to what’s most important for you as a person who can only doing so much.

It was also noted that creative people naturally spread themselves thin with lots of creative endeavors. Just because you CAN paint, take photographs, build a website, have an etsy shop and knit doesn’t mean that you SHOULD do all those things. Focus on what makes you the happiest and do that thing/things really well.

For me, this message was really insightful. I seem to want to do it all and always find myself overwhelmed as a result. Thanks Kathleen for sharing your experiences with us this past weekend. You’re beyond amazing, lady!


14 comments on “Lesson Learned: Wise Words, My Dear!

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  2. That really is some great advice, but hard to follow! I am currently trying to focus more on my writing than art, and the occasional, “oh I should paint that” pops in my head…prioritizing will be worth it though! I just have to commit!

  3. Thanks for sharing,well said…
    Take on the projects that get you inspired, and weed out the ones that DRAIN all of your time!

  4. such good advice…and something i struggle so much with! the “can do” verses the “should do”.

    loved seeing bits of your weekend on instagram. it looked like such a wonderful inspiring time!

  5. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I come back every day to see what’s new.
    I have to say this post came on perfect time for me as well and even if I’m not a designer I feel these words are truly wise!!

  6. Great advice, thanks for sharing. It’s so hard not to do all the stuff you’re good at, if you love all these things. So what do you do if you’re good at knitting, painting, photography, dancing, etc… and you love all of them equally? How do you decide which one(s) to pick and focus on?
    Would love to hear your thought on that.

    1. I think it’s important to balance what you are good at and what you’re super passionate about. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should dedicate a bunch of time to it. Try to figure out which activities make you the happiest and then focus your energy on those.

  7. it was SO great meeting you Cassie! I hope that we’re able to cross paths again SOON. You are super talented and I am so grateful I was able to hang out with you 🙂

  8. It was really cool meeting you, Cassie. I’m a big fan of the work and creativity you exude here at Veda House – it’s nice to get to know the person behind it all. XOXO

  9. oh my these words speak to me so dearly! i’ve been with this thought on my mind for so long. and though i keep feeling happy doing at least three different things, lifestyle photography, graphic design and web-design, there are those times in which it feels too much and i can’t handle it all. i feel i need to focus on one topic every week, according to what i’ve been freelancing. and then there is the financial issue, i’m afraid that if i stop doing one of those things, money will be short and let’s face it, we do need the money. common fears i get it! 🙂 thank you for such a insightful post!

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