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Notable No. 19

Wow. Come next Tuesday I will have survived a full month as a full time freelancer and I’m over the moon excited about the opportunity and the lifestyle change. Another big this happened this week. The fiancé and I signed the forms andwill be moving into a historic condo (built in 1888) in our neighborhood, Lafayette Square (here in St. Louis). We’re so excited that we found a place with lots of historic charm, lots of bright light, and something that was in our price range. It’s going to be a crazy next two weeks of packing and moving. Let’s do this!

Notables this week:
1. This photo shoot with Lucky Pony is awesome!
2. This Tumblr blog is filled with lots of visual inspiration
3. This issue of Covet Garden is really great
4. Woven Tapestries by Maryanne Moodie
5. The Kyneton Home featured on The Design Files
6. I’m in love with the studio tour (and work) of Doug Johnston
7. The Vintage Esty Shop called ethanollie
8. The blog called Solid Frog
9. I absolutely love these little flowers

Have a lovely weekend!

8 comments on “Notable No. 19

  1. Wow! Huge congrats all around. Love your website! I’m a freelance makeup artist and I too am preparing myself for the plunge into the freelance world and fully leaving retail or anything else consistant behind me! Even if its only for a little while. So glad your freelancing work is picking up!


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