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Lesson Learned: Tip for Happy Clients

As I work my way through the world of freelance I’ve been able to refine how I interact with my clients and how to ensure they are happy with the results. For me, I don’t only want my clients to be happy with the design outcome, but to be happy with me. Frequently, I even become friends with some of my clients because working together is such an intimate process.

One tip I’ve learned along the way and has proven to be successful is to ALWAYS go the extra mile. Do something your client isn’t expecting. Of course this takes extra time (un-paid) time, but I guarantee it will lead to happy clients and more referrals.

Some of my favorite “extra-mile” tactics:
1. Doing a mini photo shoot to provide your client with unique social media imagery to share (facebook, blog, twitter)
2. Throw in a rubber stamp of your clients finished logo
3. Send your client an “I’m excited to work with you” card (use Paperless Post)
4. Tweeting about your client’s brand throughout the process (free promotion for client)
5. If you are designing a blog for your client, offer to write the first post introducing the new blog to their readers.

Do you guys have any go-to tactics? I’d love to find new/unique ways to surprise my clients.

10 comments on “Lesson Learned: Tip for Happy Clients

  1. These are awesome!
    I just started freelancing on the side and it was a head first jump in cold water. Good but scary! Tips like these are priceless! Thanks so much!

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