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Podcast: Having Grit

I was recently watching a video on TED that talked about how GRIT was the key to success. The speaker, Angela Lee suggested that grit meant passion and determination for long-term goals. She said like was like running a marathon and that we need to think long term. She said one thing in particular that really got me thinking about what “grit” meant to me.

She said, ” Talent doesn’t make you gritty. Grit means failing.” Wow! She’s totally right, isn’t she? Being gritty means that you’ve jumped in with both feet and failed. Over time, you gain grit. You gain experiences and learn lessons to apply in the future. Success doesn’t directly equal grit though. It only applies if you’re enjoying the ride 😉

Do you see passionate successful people as “gritty”?

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  1. This post is so helpful. It should be hung up and framed for inspiration. I think many people myself especially don’t realize that it’s okay not to succeed at first, that failing at something is ok its all a process. After all we are all learning!

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