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Recent Work: Veda House Re-Branding (mood board)

OMG! I don’t really know where to start with this post. I feel like I’ve mentioned this whole VH rebranding project for months now, with nothing to show for it. Here’s what happened….

I started the whole rebranding process while I was still working at my 9-5 design job. I was eager to have a fully rebranded identity once I launched myself into the world of full-time freelance. That was the goal at least, but once I actually left my job to do freelance full-time I started to discover my design aesthetic morphing into something new. I felt the transition was taking me in a more sophisticated tone, so I stopped the rebranding process to see where this new found freedom would take me.

It’s now 4 months into this new adventure and I’m feeling pretty confident on where I’ve landed. I’ve defined a need to mesh together the handmade aspect  with the “seemingly perfect” aspect of my photography and graphic design aesthetic. When you are someone who values minimalism, it’s really tough to do any kind of “meshing” when you have minimal elements to work with.

You can see a little more where this project started –> April 2013, September 2012 (Part 2), September 2012 (Part 1)

12 comments on “Recent Work: Veda House Re-Branding (mood board)

  1. I always find that branding/re-designing yourself is the hardest!

    Better to wait then move along in the wrong direction. Super anxious to see what the above moodboard turns into.

  2. You sound much like myself when it comes to rebranding my blog. I’m finally in the last stages of getting it pulled together but life happens. I’m looking forward to see what you come up with!

  3. I only recently discovered your blog… and I’m very glad I did. Read your post about starting your blog and leaving the agency – truly inspiring!! I feel like that’s the direction I may be headed in the near future (hopefully).

    1. Best of Luck to you Ruth. It’s a tough journey, but well work it in the end. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog 😉

  4. omg it looks great! i’ve been excitedly (and secretly) anticipating a follow-up post or sudden re-design/launch ever since you posted about it actually haha. i’m really excited to see all of it as you and i have very similar aesthetics. superb job!

    1. Hehe. And your the reader that I feel awful for making you wait. I keep teasing it, but not showing anything. This time…it’s actually happening.

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