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Veda News: So What's Missing?

Thanks to all my lovely readers who answered the Veda House reader survey, I’ve gathered a lot of really great feedback. I’ve learned that most of my readers found my blog via another blog (yeah for community!). I’ve learned that most of you shop by 3-4 times a week…which is shocking and completely flattering! I’ve also been validated that my two favorite features (Freelance Journey and Studio Hours) are also your favorite features on my blog.

I also asked for some constructive feedback and wanted to know what you guys thought was missing or that could me incorporated more. It was almost a 3-way tie between showing more of my personal projects, sharing more into my design process, and peppering in more personal posts. I couldn’t agree with you guys more. In the future, I’ll strive to share more unfinished work as well as finished client work. I also hope to provide insights into how projects move along (process) and be more conscious about sharing “personal” aspects.

Another great piece of feedback was to share more “How To” posts and to have some Q&A sessions. I LOVE these suggestions and am planning on how to implement those aspects right now!

Thanks so much for participating in the mini survey and CONGRATS to Anna Taylor, who was the giveaway winner!


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