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Lesson Learned: The Summer Lull

The inevitable “Summer Lull”. As a freelancer I’ve learned it’s 100% unavoidable, and somewhat necessary. Once the warmer weather starts rolling in, people (ex: clients) push those “BIG” projects to the side and get outside (as they should). This means that less inquiries come strolling through your inbox and consequently…less money in your pocket during the summer months.

We’re just about to exit the whole “summer lull” time period and things will start picking up again. People will return to their computer, return to their weekly blogging schedules, and jump back on those projects they seek to accomplish. Get ready for it!

I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve kind of gathered over the past three months that might help anyone who may be experiencing slow business, or a lull.

If you are experiencing slow business:

1.  Build Your Own Brand: Without as much client work pulling for your attention, you’ll be able to really dive deep into your personal brand. Make some updates, freshen things up, tidy up…do the best possible patio cleaning, paint the walls, buy new furniture.

2.  STOP Work @ 4:30: The summer days are longer, there is more light, and that means more time in the evenings to get out in your community. Take advantage of the warmer months and grill outside, visit the local park, and don’t forget to attend all the local music and movie shows hosted by your city.

3.  Work on Personal Projects: These are those projects that DON’T make you money but you’re always wanting to do. For me this summer it’s been knocking out some DIY projects for my wedding, giving my living room a mini make over, and soon…an online garage sale!

4.  Travel: Work will start picking up soon, so why not use this time to take a weekend vacation or visit an out of state friend. I did a lot of this this summer with a family reunion trip to Kentucky, a cousins wedding, to the family lake house, to Chicago to visit a friend and back again. All the traveling was tiring, but I know it was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that once you work for yourself, take advantage of the slower periods and try not to stress about the lack of cash flow. Things will always shift back if you work hard, so I suggest playing hard too 😉


6 comments on “Lesson Learned: The Summer Lull

  1. So great that you’re embracing this season! Sometimes it’s hard to embrace certain seasons in life but it’s still so important that we do. Thanks for sharing Cassie. xx C

  2. Yes, the summer lull is 100% a thing!! I didn’t notice it last summer since I had schedule a lot out, but it definitely hit me this time around. At first I got all jittery about it, then I realized …. hey, just enjoy it. Cause it sure does pick up and get crazy those other 9 months. 😉


    1. Yes Yes. I totally understand the jittery feeling. I had that feeling ALL day yesterday so I went and bought a ton of yards of fabric…because it was…productive?

  3. Great tips. I really wish I didn’t have my full-time job so I could actually utilize these! Sitting in a cold office all summer was really not fun. At all.

    1. Oh boy…I remember the COLD office. I’d have a space heater (unauthorized) under my desk, cranked up to a constant 82 degrees. It’s tough working when you’re freezing!

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