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Notables No. 30

I severely needed this weekend, oh boy! How about you?. Last week was a funky work week for me. My normal routine was thrown off and I was feeling beyond unmotivated. I’m hoping this week takes a turn for the better. I’ve been working on a little living room makeover that I hope to share soon too!

Notables This Week:

1.  New ceramic goods in the Old Brand New shop
2.  Hide Leather Lights – So beautiful
3.  More amazing ceramics by Yuniko Studio
4.  These little doodles via Hikarinote Tumblr
5.  Everything about this home is so beautiful

6.  I’d like one of everything from LUMU Interiors
7.  Lovely architectural details  (via SFGirl By Bay)
8.  This line drawing is giving me some ideas….
9.  This blog / artist

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