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Recent Work: Always Something Lookbook (FW 2013)

This past Monday I introduced a new brand to you called, Always Something. The shop/blog/ brand is run by Maria McBride and she has mission to provide her clients with a constant source of stationery inspiration. This means that Always Something values the idea of unique combinations of simplicity, sophistication and the hand crafted.

If you think about it, the name is really simple. There is “Always Something” to create, plan, share, celebrate, enjoy, inspire and give. With this Lookbook, I wanted to emphasis the simplicity of the objects being sold, ultimately highlighting their beauty. I also was hoping that by displaying the items in a unique way, customers would be inspired by them and they would be able to imagine all the possible ways they could use each item.

I had a lot of fun styling, photographing, photo editing and compiling the group of images to tell a story.

See my latest Lookbook for Cuyana. I’ll be sharing her blog design next week!

13 comments on “Recent Work: Always Something Lookbook (FW 2013)

  1. Beautiful work, Cassie! Do you have a link to the whole thing? Googling “Always Something” and “Maria McBride” = Martina McBride song (ha!)

    1. Everything is in the works with a hopeful launch this fall. Next week the blog will be live and ready to share…Shop soon to follow 🙂

  2. This is perfection — beautifully done! The designer in me keeps looking at all the lovely shadows. What a great way to get dimension and movement into these, while still staying minimal with the aesthetic. Was there process behind figuring that out conceptually, or did it just come as you played around? I love hearing about inspired moments 🙂

    1. Yeah. There was a lot of searching for inspiration with this project. I think I’ll type up a blog post about how I find inspiration for shoots. Thanks for being interested!

    1. Thanks Kate. You’re too sweet. I had a lot of fun and I’m putting together a “behind the shoot” kind of post for that look book. Hope you like 🙂

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