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Recent Work: Blog Design for Always Something

This project has been a LONG time coming. I’ve been working with Maria to develop a brand for her new online stationery shop that included all the essential elements: logo, branding elements, blog design, e-commerce shop design, and social media outlets.

We’ve got most of the design process done, now it’s all about wrapping up the finishing touches and promoting the launch of her online shop. For now, Maria and I have decided that getting her set up in the “blog world” would only be an asset to promoting the launch and growth of her shop, as well as getting her social media outlets aligned with her new look & feel. Check these out pruittvillefarms .

Please stop by her BRAND NEW blog and welcome Maria to blogging. It’s definitely going to be learning process for her, so please be patient and help her welcome her stationery baby into the world! There will be a few additions to the blog as we go, but the base is there and it’s really really exciting!

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